Ozone Therapy Luxembourg

Ozone therapy is a way to help you fight disease, by balancing your immune system’s reaction and correcting oxygen deficiency in your body. Patients throughout the Luxembourg area can work with Dr. Feher to create a personalized ozone therapy plan at her Luxembourg practice.

Ozone is a highly reactive form of oxygen made up of three oxygen molecules rather than the usual two. According to studies, ozone causes a therapeutic reaction in the body by oxidizing and eliminating any toxic chemicals or foreign objects due to its extremely reactive and unstable molecular structure.



There are various methods for administering ozone therapy treatment to you.


You will be given an injection of ozone. The ozone gas is commonly mixed with oxygen right before this procedure begins.


The medical specialist first takes blood from you, then absorbs the ozone gas from your own blood, and finally, the blood is pumped back into you through an IV with the dissolved gas. This technique is commonly used to treat internal diseases such as HIV.

Tissue only

You can benefit from ozone treatment delivered directly to the tissue only in certain circumstances. If you have a wound or an extremity problem, ozone gas will most likely be applied directly to the tissue of the damaged body part. The gas is administered through a protective covering.


Most popular method of administration: transdermal therapy. All you have to do is relax in an ozone steam sauna and let the “supercharged” oxygen work its magic.

Our approach

1. Preliminary Consultation

A preliminary consultation will establish your compatibility with the therapy.

2. Blood Tests

Targeted blood test analysis is required.

3. O3 Therapy

Therapy protocol is proposed accordingly.

Ozone Therapy Types

ozone therapy in Luxembourg

Systemic Routes

Via Autohemotherapy and rectal and vaginal insufflation, systematic ozone therapy – given its immunomodulatory and regulatory properties – has great impact on patients with primary immunodeficiency, predominantly caused by an antibody defect.

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Local Routes

Subcutaneous, paravertebral, and auricular treatment, ozone bagging, and topical administration of oil, lotions, and ozonated water are all examples of local ozone therapy. This is primarily recommended for treating fungal infections, slow-healing wounds, back pain, migraine, gastro-intestinal and gynecological problems.

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Transdermal ozone therapy

For detoxification, anti-cellulite therapy, stress reduction, muscular tension, improved blood circulation, and psoriasis, transdermal application of ozone combined with hyperthermia is widely utilized at our centre.

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