Vitamins Therapy Luxembourg

Vitamins therapy delivers nutrients directly to the bloodstream and makes them instantly accessible by the body for use. As a consequence, the body feels energized and invigorated right away. Contact us for intravenous vitamins therapy in Luxembourg.

Usage and Benefits


  • Known as retinol, its carotene compounds are responsible for transmitting light sensation in the retina of the eye.
  • Deficiency can lead to night blindness.

ABeta carotene

  • This is an antioxidant which protects the cells against oxidation damage.
  • Deficiency can lead to cancer.


  • Thiamin is a nutrient which acts as a coenzyme in body metabolism.
  • Deficiency can lead to a disease of the heart and nervous system called beriberi.


  • Riboflavin is essential for the reactions of coenzymes.
  • Deficiency can lead to inflammation of the mouth and skin lining.


  • Niacin is known as another essential nutrient for our body metabolism.
  • Deficiency can cause inflammation of the skin, vagina, rectum and mouth, as well as mental slowing.


  • Pyridoxine is a cofactor for enzymes.
  • Deficiency might lead to inflammation of the skin and mouth, and other health issues such as: nausea, vomiting, dizziness , weakness, or anemia.


  • Also known as folic acid, this substance is an important factor in the nucleic acid synthesis.
  • Deficiency leads to megaloblastic anemia.


  • This is another essential nutrient in the genetic material of all cells.
  • Deficiency can lead to megaloblastic or pernicious anemia.


  • Known as ascorbic acid, is the most significant vitamin in the synthesis of collagen, the framework protein for tissues of the body and an effective immune system.
  • Deficiency can lead to immunity loss, fragile capillaries, poor wound healing, and bone deformity in children.


  • This is a steroid vitamin which promotes absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus and efficiency of the immune system.
  • Deficiency can lead to low immunity, osteomalacia in adults and bone deformity in children.


  • It is a fat-soluble compound, with distinctive antioxidant features.
  • Deficiency can lead to anemia.


  • An essential substance in the formation of blood clotting factors.
  • Deficiency can lead to abnormal bleeding.

Our approach

1. Preliminary Consultation

A preliminary consultation will establish your compatibility with the therapy.

2. Blood Tests

Targeted blood test analysis is required.

3. Vitamin Therapy

Therapy protocol is proposed accordingly.