Integrative and Regenerative Medicine in Luxembourg

“Ozone, being an oxidant, can oxidize the membranes of the viruses and bacteria, inactivate them and kill them. It modulates the immune system.”

Dr. Robert Rowen, MD

Ozone Therapy and Vitamins Center Luxembourg is the medical center where your health and well-being are our priority. We offer integrative and regenerative therapies using medical ozone.

Dr Adriana Feher is the internist physician who has all the expertise to provide you with safe and effective ozone therapy. She designs protocols to increase your vitality, strength and immune system. Here we focus on treating the cause of your disease, not just the symptoms.

Medical ozone therapy helps your body do what it does best: heal and regenerate itself.

Decreases inflammation

Slows the aging process

Fights Infections

Boosts Metabolism


Kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi

Modulates the Immune System

Prevents Atherosclerosis

Boosts oxygen utilization and cellular energy production

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Ozone Therapy Types

The major types of Ozone Therapy we perform.

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The HOCATT System therapy we provide.

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Vitamin Therapy

Health encompasses not just your physical but also your mental wellbeing. By giving the nutrients your body requires to combat sickness, vitamin therapy boosts your immunity and promotes your mental health. Many doctors are now aware of the benefits of antioxidants and other vitamins for a range of medical conditions, frequently as a complementary health therapy to medicine or other treatments.

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“Pour cause de douleurs musculaires dorsales j’ai suivi une dixaine de séances. A partir de la deuxième j’ai ressenti un réel soulagement. Comme j’ai commencé ces séances en hiver je veux également préciser que pendant toute cette période je ne suis pas tombé malade! (Rhume,grippe…).
Un bon investissement pour ma santé. Merci à toute l’équipe!”
Kremer Sacha
“Very happy for choosing Ozone Therapy! It helped me a lot with my skin problems. I highly recommend.”
“J’ai utilisé le système HOCATT pour obtenir un bien-être général. Après les sessions HOCATT, j’ai ressenti moins de fatigue et plus d’énergie et de clarté qui ont rendu mes activités plus productives. J’avais un sommeil meilleur et plus réparateur. Les sessions de sauna ont permis de relâcher les muscles contractés et de réduire mes douleurs dorsales.”
Rosca Adrian
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