Möglicherweise haben Sie schon einmal von einer Ozontherapie gehört, und Sie denken möglicherweise sogar, dass dies eine „neue Sache“ ist.

Wenn dies der Fall ist, werden Sie mehr als nur ein paar Überraschungen erleben, wenn es darum geht, ein bisschen mehr über die Ozontherapie zu lernen und was sie für Sie tun kann.

Ozone Therapy has been around for a very long time

Ozone Therapy was first used for medical purposes in the mid-1800’s. Initially, it was used as a method of serialization in operating rooms and later proved useful in treating a wide variety of illnesses.

How does it work?

Ozone is a gas that consists of three oxygen atoms. The Earth’s atmosphere is surrounded in a layer of ozone. Its primary purpose is to protect the earth from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation by absorbing it. Medically, Ozone Therapy is used to treat conditions by acting as a disinfectant to the areas that surround the problem. This will, in turn, improve your body’s use, and intake of oxygen, and helps to activate the immune system. The act of disinfecting the area limits the harmful effects of bacteria, fungi, virus, protozoa and yeast.

Ozone Therapy today

Today, Ozone Therapy is also beneficial as a tool for anti-aging. Ozone Therapy oxygenates the tissues throughout your whole body. This not only helps the appearance of your skin, but also promotes your body’s healing process. Ozone helps detoxify your blood and liver, and can also help boost your immune system.

How is ozone therapy administered?

Ozone Therapy is administered in one of two ways: it is either administered intravenously, or rectally, by a sauna designed to keep your head outside the treatment zone. If you are receiving Ozone Therapy for therapeutic purposes, a series of ten sessions is usually recommended. These sessions usually take about 15 to 20 minutes each. When the blood is flooded with ozone and oxygen, it creates an environment in which fungi and bacteria cannot thrive.

Why would you choose Ozone Therapy?

Antibiotics are heavily prescribed to treat a variety of illnesses, but antibiotics can kill not only bad flora, it can also kill the good flora in your body. Killing of the good flora in your body will greatly weaken your immune system. Ozone Therapy offers an alternative to the toxic side-effects sometimes caused by anti-biotics. It can also help protect your body from contracting the illness in the first place.

Ozone Therapy is preventative

If you are a frequent traveler, Ozone Therapy may be for you. Changing sleep patterns, ever-changing schedules, and recycled air on airplanes, can all work together to weaken your immune system, and get you sick. Ozone Therapy, before you travel, can boost your immune system before the stresses of traveling can take their toll on your body. Ozone Therapy can also act as a great alternative to the flu shot. Just like the flu shot can act as a line of defense against contracting the flu, Ozone Therapy can also fight against flu contagions. Ozone Therapy can even help provide you with a clearer complexion!

What Are Some Other Ways Ozone Therapy Can Help You?

Ozone Therapy can help with:
• Liver cleansing
• Stronger immune system
• Support for Cancer Therapy
• Improved circulation
• Infection prevention
• Anti-aging
• Chronic fatigue syndrome
• Stress
• Cardiovascular disease
• Hepatitis B and C
• Shingles
• Cold sores
• Flu
• Wound treatment
• Acne
• Psoriasis
• Rheumatic issues
• Diabetic therapy support
• Allergies
• Stiff joints

Whether you have a specific health concern, want to protect your immune system, or simply want to fight back against aging, Ozone Therapy offers you a safer option to living a healthier life.

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